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"If you love nature, you will find beauty everywhere."

- Vincent van Gogh

In 2015 after stumbling upon the quote above, in a beautiful arboretum, in England, I made the bold decision to leave my steady job as a horticulture consultant and dive head first into art. I have never looked back since. Today, I am primarily an oil painter but to be a good painter, I feel one must have the ability to draw well also, and I go back and forth between the two as often as I can - drawing with oil and painting with charcoal.

My work varies according to my thoughts and mood but landscapes and trees are a common theme. I am both self taught and a student of the academic tradition. From 2017 to 2020, I worked alongside Ron Cheek at the Texas Academy of Figurative Art in Fort Worth, Texas, eventually earning my drawing certificate. Unfortunately, due to the outbreak of COVID, I was not able to complete the painting program but I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and skill surrounding the old Master's working methods.

My vision is to express how I feel, about what I see, through my work, with the hope that it can bring others closer to nature too, and give the opportunity feel it's harmony, peace, and inclusiveness.

Happy Nature-ing,


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