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Old Man Winter has Returned

Updated: Mar 1

I knew the nice weather, as of late, wouldn't last, but that doesn't keep me from dreaming. Yesterday, before we got our 1 to 2 inches of snow, the snowdrops in front of the porch were up and showing their little white buds. But now they've disappeared under the snow. Still, it gives me a little hope, that soon, spring will arrive.

This morning I ran 7 miles with 4 x 400m 'pick-ups' tossed in. It was made a little more difficult because a very cold wind was blowing and snow was drifting across the road, but I think it's the effort that counts. Right? Unfortunately, my left Achilles tendon is a bit sore now. It's always the left one it seems. In the past, I used to run with a 0.25 inch lift in the heel under the sole, and that may be what I end up doing again.

Dad and Sandy came over at 9:00 AM so I could help them navigate the internet and get them the veteran's discount applied to their phone bill. It only took an hour and a half but I finally managed to figure it out. Dad and Sandy were really stressed, only because they don't really understand computers, but I tried to help alleviate their anxiety by remaining calm myself.

After all of that, I hurried down to the Rosauers' pharmacy to pick up my prescription, then drive to Spokane Art Supply and order some new prints on canvas. 5 out of the 7 paintings I wanted made into prints were oddly out of focus or skewed in regards to their color saturation. But 5 new prints is a start.

Finally, I was home and really tired all of a sudden so I had to lie down on the couch for 30 minutes. I wasn't any more awake afterwards so I was bad and made a pot of coffee. I figured 1 or 2 cups wouldn't kill me. But now my stomach is all gassy and rumbling. I know. I know. Is the reward worth the consequences?

Now I'm at the Pottery Place Plus, the artist's co-op I work at sometimes, with some time on my hands. I realize it's harder to think clearly when I'm working in public and downtown but my mind still goes to my paintings. My current piece of the weeping willow is getting heavier and more layered but I don't know if it's getting any better. I'm considering taking the palette knife to it and scraping off all the heavy texture and re-layering the lights and darks. I'm also struggling to get the background trees and values right. I can't tell if the atmosphere is blue, purple, or orange. It seams all the options I've tried don't read or look right. I may look at some examples and ignore the willow tree for now - just leave it at it is.

Some people call me crazy but it still feels like I'm learning, which is why I go back and forth on each painting, layering it up, again and again. Honestly, if I stopped as soon as 99.9% of the canvas was covered, I'd have been done a week ago. Perhaps that should be a goal I need to implement - that I make every possible effort to get things right on the first go (and then a little more) then that's it! Time to move on. I don't mind if tiny bits of the canvas pop out, at least if it's toned. I think raw white canvas piking through is unsightly for some reason. It's just a personal preference. But I do like the idea of trying to work a little more accurately on the first go (who doesn't?) then move on. It's a balance to do good work without wasting time or being a perfectionist. What is good enough?

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